Paintings 2016

Galleri Udengaard, Århus 2016


Helmet project 2016

During 2014–2017, I worked on a series called "Helmet". One of the first pieces was an oil painting "Helmet with blue and yellow", which was completed in March 2014, a short time after the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

By now, the series includes 37 oil paintings, 1 drypoint, 1 video and 1 installation.

The helmet is a powerful symbol. Helmets are usually associated with war, disaster, suffering, death … but also protection.

Specific, distinguishable symbols about a soldier's affiliation, as well as rank, are attached to the helmets and uniforms of military forces. But the people inside these helmets and uniforms – people who have been sent to fight for or against a greater cause – still have their own thoughts, feelings, wishes, dreams, fears, yearnings and ... fate.

In this helmet series, I play with strong, absurd contrasts. I paint strawberries, dandelions, white clouds on helmets. I fill helmets with apples, still water, ice, snow, dough, meat, candy and flowers.

"Kiiver ja kanahakkliha" ôli, lôuend

"Hjelm med hakket kyllingekød" olie på lærred


(60x80 cm)